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i sleep better in the mornings than at night, somehow. some nights, weird dreams happen, woken up in the middle of the dark, trying to get back to sleep, toss and turn to no avail, eyes wide open staring into space, mind sober as fuck, oh why these few days its getting so hard to sleep properly. sing me a lullaby wont you, and lull me to dreams where you and i both meet.

Frosted Blog
My Little Pony,
Haute Doll, Bratz

All About MLP Merch's new poll is about which blindbag line people liked best. I voted for Wave 11, the current one. Why? Because there are a lot of show characters (POKEY PIERCE! Or "Royal Pin"...whatever..), good amount of stallions and better mold variety than a lot of the previous lines. I also have no use for ponies that come with Breezies so it allowed me to snag a couple of the creepy little things for less.Wave 6 would be second, I supose. It had ~stallions~ and regular versions of the glittery characters in Wave 4. I dig Cherry Spices, so it was nice to see her make a return, and the 3 with translucent cutiemarks were neat.Gummy and Dog!Spike are awesome. I just don't want the dolls they are accessories to. ~la sigh~ I kind of wish they would pack them like LPS toys. Check out the fakie set with the eyes on the wonk. I wonder if they stole molds or grabbed up factory rejects to shove into boxes. The Rarity fake is pretty...apart from the hair growing out of her neck. I... (more)

Office of Aging
11/24 (2

Today at the Senior Center was a very different day. Most of the guests had left to go visit friends and family for Thanksgiving, and so there wasn’t anyone in the common room when I arrived. However, there were a few other volunteers there, and so I talked to them for a little bit. We weren’t really doing anything for the first ten minutes, and then one of the Senior Center workers came in. She told us that there probably wouldn’t be anyone to talk to because everyone else was either sleeping still or getting ready to leave. She told us that we could help out cleaning up the place though if we wanted. Thus, the other two volunteers and I began to put things away and clean up. We vacuumed floors, took out trash, dusted rooms, wiped down tables, and at some points, took breaks. We also fill out and file paper work, and we even helped to come up with meals for the upcoming weeks. We ended up doing a lot of work, and stayed there for about two to two and... (more)

about those things you do for me
​I'm trying to figure out why I feel so uncomfortable when people do nice things for me. I guess it's just become so unexpected that when it happens, I can't fully wrap my brain around the gesture. Even though it feels really good to be thought about, makes my heart warm and my eyes misty, I can't help but feel undeserving at the same time. ​(07-22-2013)​

Final de semestre
Hola gente hermosa cómo estan ustedes? Yo bien, mejor que otras veces, deseando que este blog funcionara mejor porque al hacer una entrada se ponen signos extraños que no van ): Pero bueno, estoy contenta! me fue bien en un examen, el último examen que me dieron de la Universidad de Biogeografía, por fin se acabó el semestre, expongo mañana y listo. Es un gran logro salir al fin, ahora habrá más tiempo libre para hacer lo que quiero! bailar, dibujar, pintar, esculpir sii! aprender cosas nuevas n_n Ya me voy, sólo quería escribir un poco! :)

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